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We know there are many factors that affect Coloradans’ abilities to have health closer in reach – and financial security is one key measurement. Through Pulse, we learned: while Coloradans are expressing belief in a strong economic recovery, they are also feeling pinched by the state’s increasing cost of living – from the lack of affordable housing to the high cost of child care. Often, this financial insecurity is paired with challenges to mental health and well-being, including anxiety and depression.

Pulse found that nearly half of all Coloradans are worried about at least one of four major financial stressors, including:

  • Losing their home because they cannot afford to pay their rent or mortgage;
  • Keeping their jobs;
  • Having health insurance coverage;
  • Or, even affording enough food to eat.

All of these stressors are having a deeper impact on communities of color, Coloradans living on low incomes and people living with disabilities.

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