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Pulse: The Colorado Health Foundation Poll Reveals Top Concerns for Hispanic and...
Press Contacts: For interview opportunities with members of The Colorado Health Foundation, the research team and/or representatives from partner
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Four Core Themes in 2023 Beyond Housing and Cost of Living...
Beyond the obvious hurdles of rising costs and housing challenges, which we explored our July release , there's a whole spectrum of issues that are
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Statewide Poll Shows Double-Digit Increases in Concerns About the Cost of Living...
Press Contact: Austin Montoya, amontoya@coloradohealth.org , (719) 640-3441 Note: Poll data can be segmented by region: Eastern Plains, Colorado
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Key Findings from 2021 Pulse: The Colorado Health Foundation Poll...
Many of our lives were full of uncertainty in 2020. So when the calendar turned the page to 2021, I was expecting, or perhaps just hoping, for a year
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Discover what’s important to Coloradans by exploring the Pulse dashboard...
In this video, Heather Ditillo, Director of Education and Training at Boulder Insights, walks us through how to use the Tableau dashboard to reveal