Mother and sonThe Colorado Health Foundation's annual Pulse Poll delves into the lives and experiences of Coloradans, providing crucial insights into their challenges and concerns. In this year's findings, we shine a spotlight on the perspectives of Native American respondents, revealing a nuanced picture of their experiences and shedding light on areas that demand attention and action.

Through oversampling various racial and ethnic groups, including Native Americans, the Foundation aims to capture a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges faced by different communities.

Given that Native Americans constitute less than 2% of Colorado's population, obtaining a representative sample size poses a challenge. The Foundation tackles this by collaborating with Native organizations and community leaders, ensuring a more accurate portrayal of the experiences of Native respondents. This collaborative effort underscores the importance of partnerships in amplifying underrepresented voices.

The Pulse Poll covers a spectrum of topics, ranging from affordable housing and economic opportunity to racial equity and mental health. This expansive approach allows for a holistic understanding of the challenges Coloradans face, providing a foundation for targeted policy advocacy and research.

Key Findings:

  1. Cost of Living Concerns: Native American respondents, like their counterparts from other racial and ethnic groups, expressed deep concerns about the rising cost of living and housing. The cost of housing, in particular, emerged as a top concern, with 98% of Native respondents considering it an "extremely" or "very serious" problem.
  2. Housing Insecurity: Native Americans were disproportionately worried about housing insecurity, with 49% expressing concern about losing their homes due to financial constraints. This concern is compared to 28% of Coloradans overall who are worried about losing their home. This highlights the urgent need for targeted solutions to address housing affordability and stability in the Native American community.
  3. Health Care Worries: Concerns about health care were prevalent among Native American respondents, with 69% expressing worries about lacking health insurance in the next year. Additionally, more than three in five reported postponing medical or dental care, underscoring the need for accessible and equitable health care services.
  4. Mental Health Strain: Native Americans reported a higher prevalence of mental health strain, with 85% acknowledging experiences of anxiety, depression, loneliness or stress. The data emphasizes the importance of addressing mental health concerns within the Native American community and creating accessible support systems.
  5. Discrimination Across Sectors: Native American respondents revealed significant instances of unfair treatment based on their race or ethnicity, including when finding housing, seeking employment or interacting with government agencies or services.


Please tell me whether you - or someone you know - have been treated unfairly in any of the following situations here in Colorado as a result of their race or ethnicity:

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Native American

When trying to rent or purchase a place to live



When interacting with law enforcement



When seeking employment



When seeking health care services



When interacting with government agencies or services



The Pulse Poll's Native American and Indigenous findings offer a valuable glimpse into the challenges faced by this community in Colorado. As we reflect on the data, it's crucial to consider actionable steps to address these issues, collaborating with Native organizations, community leaders and policymakers. The path to a healthier, more equitable Colorado involves recognizing diverse experiences and working collectively toward impactful change.

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